How To Make A Water Rocket – Step By Step guide

Make a Soda Bottle RocketMore amazing video clips are a click away

A step by step guide to make a soda bottle rocket. With a few empty soda bottles and some PVC pipe, you can build a high-performance water rocket.

This is a more difficult way to build the water rocket because it uses the “open neck nozzle” method, where you will need to use the pvc pipes to build a launcher that will launch the water rocket.

You will need to cut,file and drill holes on the pvc pipes and this poses a problem for those who do not have the tools in their home.

The o-ring may cause some problems when launching the water rocket, so you need to ensure it is not too tight. Also, you will have to make sure that that is enough support for the launcher so that the water rocket can be supported and launched vertically into the sky.

Original project by Steve Lodefink.