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Science Buskers Water Rocket Busking Round Day 2

Today is the day 2 of the science buskers busking round and for my water rocket show, I have got my wife and my brother-in-law down to help me out.

I also want to thank some of the brothers and sisters from my church including Wee Chung & Serene, Chee Wan & Yoke Leng, Cheng Sheq and Soon Ting, Gay Teck and Shao han and of course my best friend Bernard & Qiuyun ….. just want to say thank you for all your support.

One of the reasons why I joined the Science buskers is to show to people, especially children and teens that water rocket is such a fun activity to do and you can get your entire family in to launch water rockets providing hours of fun….

It really warms my heart to see the following participants who tried out my water rocket and vote for my booth… i believe that they really enjoyed themselves and that makes my day… Thank you….

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Science Buskers 2010 – Water Rocket Through To Busking Round

After the Science Buskers 2010 audition on 5th August at Singapore Science Centre, Water Rocket was shortlisted and will be performing in the busking round from 10-12 September at Plaza Singapura.

Science Buskers Festival 2010

Science Buskers Festival 2010

We want to thank the judges for choosing Water Rocket to be in the busking round and will be thinking of ways to entertain shoppers over there. We will probably be showing how a toy car can be propelled by water rocket, using just water and air.

If you want to send some package over to your friends at the opposite block but lazy to walk all the way to his house, what do you do? How about using Water Rocket to transport them over to your friend’s place in a matter of seconds using just water and air?

I will be showing how these ideas can put to practically use at the busking round, so if you want to see how all these can be done, do come and visit our Water Rocket booth to have some hands on experience.

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Water Rocket RPG Launched At 100psi 500ml

This is another one of my water rocket RPG launch at Seng Kang open field. The rocket was filled with 500ml of water, which is the maximum, anything more than that will slow down the rocket.

The rocket is then filled with air through a quality bicycle pump to an air pressure of 100psi, which is more than 3 times the normal air pressure of a car tire at around 30 psi.

For this test, the rocket fly way too high up to the sky probably because the angle of launch was too much, around 70 degrees. Ideally, it should be about 45-60 degrees to obtain a long horizontal distance.

How To Make A PET Rocket In Singapore

I was browsing online and found there is a video teaching you briefly how to make a PET rocket in Singapore. In this video, it summaries the steps and materials you need for building a PET bottle rocket or commonly known as water rocket in other countries.

Materials needed to build a water rocket:

1. Scissors
2. Duct Tape
3. Black Marker
4. 4 Fins from a PET bottle
5. A Gardena Nozzle
6. Nose Cone

Before starting, you will need to mark out some lines on the PET bottle so you can cut and make the fins. You have to ensure that the fins are equal in size and properly attached so as to ensure a stable flight.